Boho Wicks Australian Made Candles

Boho Wicks aren't your average candles.  Hand crafted by Ness (a Wiccan Witch and Psychic) in Sydney, NSW, keeping both you and the planet in mind. Ness uses eco-friendly materials making them the perfect accompaniment to your spellwork – or simply for enjoying just because.

The herbs, scents, crystals & botanicals in each candle are intrinsically chosen and form the foundation to create and support the intent of each individual candle.  Thought and care go into ensuring they not only look amazing, but also smell divine. 


Boho Wicks candles use:

  • Reusable and recyclable tins
  • Glitter that is either biodegradable or food grade – either way, planet-friendly
  • Cotton and lead-free wicks
  • Fragrance oils that are hand selected and of the highest quality
  • Crystals that are cleansed and charged every month under the Goddess, and untouched by anyone but me