Melissa Footwear
100% VEGAN  |  100% RECYCLABLE  |  100% CRUELTY FREE
Melissa is a Brazilian footwear brand famed for its contemporary designs, bright colours and fabulous collaborations
When you open up a Melissa shoe box, you are met with a sweet bubblegum scent and a whimsically designed shoe that feels nothing but timeless. If that isn’t enough,  you can bask in the fact that they are all vegan, 100% recyclable, and 100% cruelty free.
The brand began in Brazil in 1979, making a major impact on the fashion world. Hoards of people sported the colourful jelly shoes, and they became monumental markers of Brazilian fashion in the 80’s.  On the soles of each Melissa shoe read the words “Made in Brazil”, an important imprint that represents the brands DNA: the charismatic Brazilian experience. 
*Note: Australian sizing is equivalent to US sizing