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The latest trend in responsible and eco-friendly clothing, is the recent rise in popularity of Bamboo boxers in Australia. Who would have thought that something made from one of the most sustainable fibres in the world could be so comfortable?

At Earth to Life Eco Store, we strive to lessen our adverse impact on the environment by using and popularising the use of natural, organic and eco-friendly products. 

The Benefits of Bamboo Boxer Shorts in Australia 

Fabrics made from bamboo fibres are incredibly comfortable to wear. It is soft and luxurious, sits well against the skin and does not cling or chafe. It is also breathable, keeping you nice and cool when it is warm, and it keeps in the heat in when it gets cold. 

  • You can wear your super comfy bamboo boxers with a clear conscience. It is completely sustainable, eco-friendly, and organic. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant – up to one metre per day, with a much higher yield per acre than cotton and other popular fibres. It absorbs much more carbon than most other plants, and it is entirely biodegradable.
  • Bamboo boxer shorts may just be the most comfortable thing you can wear. It has in fact, been compared to the finest cashmere. It is anti-static, absorbent, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and thermo-regulating. Everything you could possibly want in a pair of boxers.
  • Responsibly and ethically sourced, our products come from the top manufacturers, both in Australia and abroad. In addition to using=g eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, all our suppliers adhere to ethical employment practices.

The Importance of Bamboo Boxer Shorts

A pair of boxers is a pair of boxers, right? Actually, no. The fact is that if we carry on using unsustainable products, eventually we will either run out or our capacity to renew these products will run out. And the damage that we do to the Earth in the production of unsustainable, non-organic, and non-eco-friendly products, is fast getting to the point where we will be unable to rectify it.

  • Bamboo is a fully sustainable, renewable product. It takes up less space than traditional plantations, yet it produces a much higher yield than other fibres. It grows densely, like a grass, meaning it replenishes itself after each harvesting.
  • It absorbs up to 35% more carbon than other plants. Thus, in addition to being renewable, super comfortable, and organic, it actually helps us reduce our carbon footprints significantly.
  • Bamboo is fast-growing, meaning you need fewer plantations. It grows as much as a metre per year, which is much faster than most other plants used in the manufacture of clothing.

About Earth to Life Eco Store

Operating since 2012, Earth to Life Eco Store is a family-owned company passionate about environmental responsibility.

Our mission is to bring you the absolute best quality sustainable, organic, natural fibre and other fair-trade products from Australia and the rest of the world.

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