Bamboo Briefs Australia

Our Bamboo Briefs in Australia Stay Fresh and Are Skin-Friendly

At our Earth to Life Eco Store, the compliments on our range of comfortable bamboo briefs in Australia never quiets down. The fantastic properties of the natural fibres of bamboo are the perfect raw material to protect sensitive skin.

Problems Bamboo Briefs Address

Underwear is often the most uncomfortable garments we have to wear. It is, however, not the case when you wear bamboo briefs made from natural fibres as it keeps you dry and comfortable all day long.

  • Underwear can move around annoyingly. Bamboo has excellent anti-static properties. Our bamboo briefs are soft garments which sit nicely against your skin. The briefs avoid the chaffing that could add so much discomfort to your day.
  • The super absorbent fibres of bamboo can absorb even up to 60% more moisture than cotton fibre. Our bamboo briefs draw any moisture and sweat away from your body and leave you feeling fresh and dry.
  • Nature takes care of us in many ways. The fibres of the bamboo plant are breathable, and the porous nature of these fibres allow airflow and thermo-regulation on hot days - keeping you cool when you need it and warm during colder days. 

Bamboo is highly sustainable and doesn’t require pesticides or any kind of fertilisers. The processed result is a chemical-free natural fabric which is silky soft and hypoallergenic. 

Benefits of Our Earth to Life Eco Store 

Do you consider yourself an eco-conscious consumer who wants to purchase goods which are naturally sustainable and BPA free? We are the go-to shop for the discerning buyer.

  • Supporting as many as possible Australian suppliers who share our sentiment about producing natural products is our goal. You will find only chemical-free natural items produced in the fair-trade industry. These items include cotton, linen and wool from local producers.
  • Both our shops and our online outlet overflows with a wide range of natural products, catering to many needs and requirements.
  • You’ll find so much more than our range of natural products on our shelves. Here you can also do your share to improve the sustainability of the cruelty-free industry.

Why You Should Buy from Earth to Life Eco Store

We are all placed in the world to take care of it. Humanity needs to live in harmony with nature and not destroy it as we have done for many years. The options to purchase natural, eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free products were always minimal and hard to find–this is no longer the case. We stock such a wide range of items and products which are friendly to the environment. 

These items deliver beyond expectation and are friendly to even the most sensitive skin types, offering comfortable wear and is chemical-free. Although we are always striving to improve, we can hardly make it any easier for you to purchase items which will benefit both you and generations to come.

Don’t hesitate any longer and switch over to items carrying nature’s stamp of approval. Contact us and discuss the endless possibilities.