Bamboo Singlets Australia

Be Natural with Our Stylish Range of Bamboo Singlets in Australia

All-natural items such as our bamboo singlets in Australia excites us at Earth to Life Eco Store. Singlets are one of the most versatile staples you can have in your wardrobe any time of the year. Thus, it is no surprise that our versatile bamboo singlets for men and women often top our sales statistics. 

Benefits of A Bamboo Singlet

The features of the bamboo fabric of the garment are as important as its versatility. The benefits of bamboo in the textile industry are extensive and still underexplored. 

  • Bamboo fibres are naturally highly absorbent. It can wick moisture away from your body, keeping your skin cool and dry. It is the perfect item to give you added warmth and comfort on colder days or comfortable coverage in the much warmer temperatures.
  • The antibacterial properties of bamboo in the textile industry are an equally appreciated attribute of this natural fibre. Bacteria are often the cause of smelly feet and other body odours. When you wear bamboo, it is with the confidence that you always smell and look fresh. 
  • The fabric we use in both our ladies and men’s singlets is super stretchy as it is a mixture of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. These two natural fibres combined delivers a soft, flexible and super comfortable garment that is BPA and cruelty-free.

Related Products We Provide to Bamboo Singlets 

We are passionate about exploring and sharing the wonderful attributes of natural products. Our range of ladies and men’s bamboo singlets is only one of the many ways we support you to live naturally. 

  • We also have a wide range of eco gifts. These items are the final product of a process where creativity inspired by eco-friendly material, went through the process of ethical and fair-trade manufacturing and delivers brilliance. The process is beneficial in the reduction of your carbon footprint, saving both the environment and the societies living in it.
  • We also promote a healthy and natural take on body care. Cleaning and body care products are often strongly infused with harsh chemicals. We prefer to take a more natural approach and harness the goodness nature offers in our body care range.
  • Teas play a vital role in natural living and has many beneficial properties. Our range of teas offers a variety of tastes, features and an abundance of real benefits. 

About Earth to Life Eco Store

For the past eight years our passion, commitment, and daily joy have been to learn and share our knowledge with you. Our staff is passionate about our products and its magnificent features. Thus, you will be able to find the perfect natural solution to your unique needs upon your visit – from wonderfully stretchy and super comfortable bamboo singlets to flavourful teas and exciting décor items. 

Visit us at one of our vibrant eco store in Albury and become part of the Earth to Life family, naturally. Otherwise, visit our online store or contact us and discuss your need to find natural solutions.