Bamboo T-Shirt

Why You Should Wear a Bamboo T-Shirt

Switching up your wardrobe to include more natural products such as a bamboo T-shirt will provide you with numerous benefits. From feeling soft on the skin, cool in summer and being easy to maintain, wearing bamboo clothing can also help to reduce your environmental footprint while you look stylish. We provide an excellent range of quality bamboo clothing, boasting a selection of colours, sizes and designs. At Earth to Life Eco Store, we commit to source and supply items that match our carefully curated business ethics that include natural, organic and environmentally-friendly products.

Benefits of a Bamboo Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

There are several advantages for using bamboo to create women's bamboo T-shirts including:

  • Soft fabric: A bamboo T-shirt for women will feel soft and light against your skin due to the smooth and round fibres. As fibre production involves no chemical treatment, there are no sharp points to irritate your skin. This feature also makes bamboo hypoallergenic and the ideal fabric to wear if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to other natural fibres such as wool. 
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties: Bamboo possesses a natural anti-bacterial agent which means that it can easily grow without the use of pesticides or fertilisers. This benefit ensures that the bamboo plant remains in its textile form, and your clothing will have natural anti-bacterial properties. Bamboo clothing is a healthy and hygienic choice, as you can feel fresher and be odour-free for longer.
  • Breathability: Bamboo is exceptionally breathable and can help you to feel cool in hot weather and warm in winter. Like other features of bamboo retained in its fabric form, micro-gaps on the fibres ensures for ventilation and moisture absorption.

Problems a Bamboo Long-Sleeve Shirt Addresses 

Bamboo products can make your life more comfortable and solve several problems that can occur with clothes such as:

  • T-shirts losing their shape: New clothing feels and looks great, yet after a few wears, it can be frustrating when they start to lose shape and don't fit as well. Bamboo fabric doesn't shrink or stretch and when cared for properly, you can rely on it to look perfect with every wear even after numerous washes. 
  • Clothes lasting only one season: Bamboo fabric is hard-wearing and long-lasting due to the strength and resiliency of the soft material. It won't easily unravel, meaning that it will continue to remain in excellent condition for many seasons of wear. Bamboo fibre will also showcase colours exceptionally well and requires less dye than other materials.
  • Special washing care: Washing bamboo clothing is easy as you don't need to follow special care recommendations. The laundry requirements are straight-forward and low maintenance in either a cold or warm wash. Your bamboo clothing will also not require washing as often as your other garments.

Why is Bamboo Tee Shirts a Sustainable Product?

Our bamboo products are eco-friendly and sustainable as this plant is one of the most renewable resources on the planet.

  • It is fast-growing: Bamboo is naturally organic and fast-growing. It can grow four feet in one day without the need for pesticides or fertilisers. It has little demand for water and its fast growth rate means that the plant can mature in seven years. 
  • It doesn't need replanting: Bamboo essentially replaces itself without intervention or help from people. How is this possible… through the extensive root system in which the plant continuously sprouts new shoots. As an environmental benefit, the vast network of roots also helps to improve soil condition and prevent erosion.
  • There are various types of bamboo: With over one thousand bamboo varieties, it is easily accessible. It can be grown in various climates, making it a sustainable commodity.

What You Can Expect from Earth to Life Eco Store Regarding a Bamboo Tee?

We are passionate about supplying our customers with natural, vegan and fair-trade products from around the world as well as from Australian companies.

  • Excellent customer service: We provide a range of quality goods that meet our high standard without compromising on style or comfort. Our loyal customers can have access to exclusive offers, discounts and vouchers as well as knowledgeable insight into our products by joining our community newsletter group. Your online purchase includes a secure payment system, and we reply to email enquiries by the next business day.
  • Quality products: Our products are of the highest quality and made by trusted manufacturers around the world. We ensure that every item is sustainability sourced, natural and meets fair-trade guidelines.
  • Extensive range of styles: You can get a quality bamboo T-shirt in men's and women's sizes from our extensive range of clothing. These comfortable tops come in long and short sleeve basic styles, or you can shop from our selection of fashionable designs including a women's swing top or men's collared shirts. 

Why Trust Earth to Life Eco Store Regarding a Bamboo T-Shirt in Australia?

Our company continues to provide eco-friendly and sustainable products since founded in 2012. We supply high-quality, natural, vegan and fair-trade products from trusted artisans and producers worldwide, including Australian-made items. You can easily shop our range of bamboo clothing at our online store and have it delivered directly to your home. Contact us today to place your order.