Coconut Fibre - 10 Reasons Why It Rocks!

Coconut Fibre - 10 Reasons Why It Rocks!

Renewable, sustainable, carbon neutral and 100 % natural, coconut fibre is a naturally extracted from coconut. The fibre comes from the outer husk of the mature coconut, so is a waste product from harvesting coconuts and what’s not to like about that!

Coconut fibre harvested from fully ripened coconuts is thick, strong and has high abrasion resistance and is what Eco Max use in their kitchen, bottle and gardeners brush. It is naturally anti-bacterial – so is ideal for use in the kitchen or outdoors.

Here are 10 reasons why we think Coconut Fibre rocks!

  1. Has a natural resistance to fungus & mould – think bathrooms
  2. It is relatively water resistant – so therefore dishwasher safe
  3. Fats and oils do not congeal to it – unlike a nylon scourers
  4. It is long lasting – used every day a Kitchen Scrubber will last 6 + months
  5. Biodegradable – so at the end of their life you can put them into your compost bin to breakdown naturally
  6. Sustainable – they are carbon neutral: absorbing the same amount of carbon dioxide that they produce.
  7. Ethical – all these fibres are products of agriculture in developing countries so by choosing them you are supporting developing countries and helping to fight rural poverty.
  8. Renewable – natural fibres are a renewable resource.
  9. Healthy – natural fibres do not have the chemicals found in manmade fibres and do not contribute to micro-plastics and plastic fibres in our waters and food chains.
  10. They are inexpensive and cost effective if you don’t look at the hidden costs for the environment and the full life cycle of the product.

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