Farm Goat: Artisan Soaps Crafted with Culinary Passion

Farm Goat: Artisan Soaps Crafted with Culinary Passion

At earth to Life, we are thrilled to introduce you to the luxurious world of Farm Goat. Handcrafted with the same passion, balance, and craftsmanship that defined a 20+ year career as a chef, Farm Goat products are a testament to dedication and excellence.

The Culinary Roots of Farm Goat

Farm Goat's journey began with Greg, who spent over two decades as a chef. Working alongside some of the industry's greats, Greg developed a pursuit of excellence. Being a chef is all-consuming, requiring a demanding balance of flavour profiles, techniques, and determination. It demands every ounce of your energy, creativity, and devotion, and Greg did love it.

Growing up in the countryside of Northern Victoria, Greg's inspiration was rooted in his rural upbringing. One of his fondest memories is of his brother Brendan bringing home a baby goat named Gertie. This charming kid became an inseparable part of their lives, sparking a lifelong affection for goats and rural life.

As a child, his brother Brendan brought home a KID named Gertie for my brother James. Gertie was a little younger than him, and they played with her nearly every day. She would give the children rides around the paddock, letting them hold on to her large horns to keep from falling off. Gertie was loved dearly by the whole family and Greg's love for all this goat began!

The Beginning of Farm Goat

As Greg's culinary career progressed, the demands of the kitchen began to take their toll and he decided to step away from the industry. However he still had the desire to merge his culinary skills, country upbringing, and creativity. This was how Farm Goat was born!

Greg sees his 20-year career as a chef as training to bring Farm Goat to life. His country upbringing influenced him as a chef to build relationships with and support local farmers. Sourcing goat milk from The Pampered Goat (TPG Dairies) in his hometown region ensures the highest quality ingredients and also satisfies Gregs "relentless desire to share my passion for flavour, aroma and farm life". 

The Essence of Farm Goat

Farm Goat's small-batch, artisan soaps are infused with unprocessed, full-bodied, high-fat content goat milk, sourced from a dedicated farm in Echuca, Northern Victoria. Combined with sensual, sustainable oils, these soaps leave your skin feeling nourished and moisturised. Each bar is a testament to the art of soap making, delivering a pampering experience with every use.

Ethics and Sustainability

At our store, we are proud to stock Farm Goat products because of their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices:

  • Using 100% biodegradable Sendle satchels whenever possible.
  • Sourcing printing from Sustainable Printing.
  • No plastic in the shipping and packaging processes.
  • Creating palm oil-free soaps, utilising only sustainable oils.
  • Ensuring all products are cruelty-free.

Made in Australia with Love

Every Farm Goat product is made in Melbourne, with deep respect for the land and its resources. These soaps are a labor of love, designed to bring a touch of luxury and sustainability to your daily routine.

Experience Farm Goat 

We invite you to experience the creamy, nourishing luxury of Farm Goat. Your skin will thank you! Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that each product is crafted with love and care, just as Greg's family loved and cared for their Farm Goat. 

Shop our range of Far Goat products in store at 614 Dean Street Albury and Online at


Our Range

Wash Body Hand Goat Milk - Native Citrus

This Native Citrus blend smells divine and with 25% Goat Milk it leaves your skin silky soft and cleansed. This soap is naturally anti-bacterial from the citrus based essential oils.

Refills available. 

Soap Goat Milk

Packed full of benefits for your skin and general wellbeing.

4 scents to choose from

Perfect for travelling with the new easy storage reuseable travel tin.

This face and shave soap is made with 25% Goat milk, combined with the cleansing qualities of Red French clay so it's gentle on your skin whilst leaving it silky soft and moisturised.

Bar Goat Milk Shampoo and Travel Tin

Using over 25% Goat Milk and pure essential oils, these Shampoo Bars are both nourishing and gently cleansing for your scalp and hair health.

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