Plastic Free July - Simple Swaps

Plastic Free July - Simple Swaps

Plastic Free July is a global movement empowering millions to combat plastic pollution.

This Plastic Free July, we're sharing ideas for simple swaps to help reduce plastic waste. Knowing where to start can be challenging, so we've compiled a list of eco-friendly alternatives to incorporate into your daily routines.


Unfortunately, our bathroom routines often involve numerous products that generate a lot of plastic waste, from hair care items to razors. However, there are many eco-friendly, plastic-free alternatives available. 


Luxurious, natural conditioner with no plastic packaging.
The tin makes it perfect for eco friendly travel.
Goat Milk Shampoo bar
Bar Goat Milk Shampoo General Farm Goat
Ditch the single use plastic with these Goats Milk shampoo
and conditioner bars. Using over 25% Goat Milk and
pure essential oils they are super nourishing!
Safety Razors including Blades
Safety Razor General Ever Eco
Say goodbye to plastic waste and expensive blade refills!
This Reusable kit includes a plastic-free safety
razor and 10 replacement blades.
Reusable Bamboo Face Pads
Face Pads Bamboo Reusable General Eco Basics
A sustainable alternative to disposable facial pads
with a handy cotton wash bag included.
Natural Deodorant
Packaged in plastic free cardboard tubes! 
A healthy, toxin-free alternative to anti-perspirant deodorants.
Body Brush
Body Brush wellbeing Eco Max
Handmade from natural sisal, a form of cactus with a
medium strength vegetable fibre. A sustainable and plastic
free alternative to loofahs and other exfoliating products.


Cleaning products are often single-use, contributing significantly to plastic waste. 
However, there are many excellent reusable cleaning alternatives! 


Multi Purpose Cleaner + 4 Tablets
Equivalent to buying 4 bottles from the supermarket,
you will immediately be using less single use plastic and
will be making a real difference to our planet.
Zero Reusable Wipes
The sustainable, chemical-free cloth you can use again and again!
Did you know that 40% of dust in your home are microplastics?
These cloths were made to reduce the amount of
plastic used in the home.
Bamboo Cleaning Cloths
100% natural bamboo cleaning cloths that are strong, soft,
super absorbent and washable!
Plus they are 100% biodegradable so they don’t harm the environment!


On The Go

When we're on the go, avoiding plastic waste can be challenging. From takeaway coffee cups to plastic fruit & veg bags, it's everywhere! Luckily, there are many convenient alternatives that can be kept in your car or bag.

Drink Bottle Fressko Core 1L
Drink Bottle Fressko Core 1L Fressko Bubblegum
A sustainable alternative for single use plastic bottles.
Chemical-free, lightweight, insulated stainless steel a
leak-proof sports lid.
Ceramic takeaway cup Fressko
Reusable takeaway coffee cup with spill proof lock lid.
Keep in your car to use instead of takeaway cups.
Produce Bags Organic Cotton
Bags Produce Organic Cotton (5 pack) Reusables Eco Basics
An eco alternative to single use plastic fruit and vegetable bags.
Made from 100% organic cotton, this bag can be composted,
so it is a zero waste product.
Bamboo cutlery set 7pc
Cutlery Set Bamboo 7pc Pouch General Kuvings Australia Green
Say no to plastic cutlery with this set.
Easily throw it in your bag and take it wherever you go!
They are perfect for picnics, work and school lunches.
Lunch Bag Brown Paper Reusable
Lunch Bag Brown Paper Reusable General Eco Basics
A plastic free lunch bag that is tear proof, leak proof and insulated!

Slow Fashion

We often overlook our clothing when trying to reduce our plastic use. However, synthetic fibres such as polyester contain micro plastics that are released into the environment. To avoid this, choose natural fibres such as bamboo, hemp and cotton.


Men's Bamboo Shirts
Shirt Bamboo Mens - Bush Banana General Kingston Grange
Opt for natural fibres in your clothing such as bamboo.
It contains no micro plastics and is also a
sustainable and eco friendly fabric!
Women's Bamboo Top
Bamboo absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide than
equivalent stands of trees and is also biodegradable.
A great fabric for the planet.
Merino Hemp Hiker socks
These super warm socks contain only natural fibres and
no synthetic materials. Making them an eco friendly sock option.


We hope our list of eco-friendly products has inspired you to make simple swaps that can significantly reduce plastic waste. By choosing these sustainable alternatives, you’re not only helping the environment but also supporting a greener future. Visit our store to explore more plastic-free options and join us in making a lasting impact. 

All the listed products are available in our store at 614 Dean Street Albury NSW, online and via click & collect at

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