Supporting the Kind Mothers' Project

Supporting the Kind Mothers' Project

Did you know that Earth to Life are proud to be exclusive stockists in the Albury Wodonga Market place for AfriBeads?

AfriBeads mission

AfriBeads is a socially proactive business. Our mission is to create a market for the products made by the people of Uganda, thus creating employment to help the local people. It is designed to help the AfriBead producers have a regular and ongoing living wage to enable them to care for their families.  AfriBeads is aimed to help the people take control of their own lives and help their local community. AfriBeads is operated using Fair Trade principles.

The Bead makers

AfriBeads are made by a group of 30 women in Kampala, Uganda called the Kind Mothers’ Project and is helping them to have a regular income and send their children to school. AfriBeads create hope for Ugandan women and children by providing a market for the beautiful jewellery they make.

How the Products are Made

AfriBeads are a totally recycled product made of paper from magazines. The beads are individually made from strips of this paper cut into triangles. The paper is rolled from the end of the triangle to the tip, and glued to keep in place. The finished beads are arranged with tiny glass beads and created into unique and gorgeous jewellery. As each piece is hand made by the beader, each one is completely individual. The baskets and bags are made out of raffia and banana leaf using a traditional coiled woven technique. The small African animals are made of fabric with brightly coloured traditional African patterns. The plastic strap bags are made from recycled plastic straps used to secure cartons.

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