Sustainable Comfort

Sustainable Comfort

So you care for our environment, but you also want something that feels great to wear. Well, with bamboo and hemp clothing you get the best of both worlds. Read on to see why…

Why is Bamboo and Hemp Good for Our Environment?

Compared to fabrics like cotton, bamboo and hemp production only has minimal impact on our environment. This is for the following reasons:

  • Requires less water for growth - In most areas the rain falling from the sky is more than enough for optimal growth.
  • Requires no pesticides or herbicides - These are poisons which can get into, and block, our waterways.
  • Grows extremely fast and doesn’t need as much land - Both are two of the most efficient plants in terms of production per square meter and growth speed. This means that less of our forests need to be cleared. 

What Makes Bamboo and Hemp so Great to Wear?

Not only is hemp and bamboo good for the environment, you’ll also find them to be among the most comfortable fabrics to wear. Here’s why:

  • Unbelievable softness - Bamboo is so much softer than cotton, almost like silk.  With hemp, the more you wash it the more soft and comfy it becomes.
  • Keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer - This is due to two reasons. One, the fabrics are breathable. And two, they wick sweat and moisture away from your skin.
  • Less odors - The breathability of these fabrics means that odor-causing bacteria doesn’t grow very well in them.

So, if you’re the one who cares for our planet, but you also desire quality and comfort, there’s no better fabric for your clothing than bamboo and hemp. 

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