Waste Not Want Not! Kitchen Compost Made Easy

Waste Not Want Not! Kitchen Compost Made Easy

Every Australian, on average, produces about 180 kg of food and garden waste a year. If that is sent to rot in landfill, it produces 15.3 kg of methane gas - a toxic greenhouse gas with global warming potential 21 times that of carbon dioxide.

Doing your bit to change this doesn’t have to be difficult. Did you know that your kitchen scraps and more can be disposed of in your Green Organics Waste bin?

Recycling food scraps can be done by everyone, regardless of whether you live on a property or an apartment in the city. Check with your council to see what they recommend you place in your green waste bin – you may be surprised! Most councils will take food scraps that are then processed into compost!  Once it’s processed, it can be used by families, community gardens, environmental groups, horticultural schools, and local governments to beautify our towns and cities.

Alternatively, if you have a garden, you can use the scraps to make your own compost. Compost is made from decomposed organic materials that are rich in nutrients and can be used as a fertiliser to enrich garden soil.

The easiest method for collecting kitchen scraps is with a countertop container.

Our Kitchen Compost Bin is designed to conveniently sit on your countertop, ready for you to add your food scraps. If it’s going to sit on the countertop, you’ll want one that looks attractive as well and this one certainly does!  Pair it with our compostable Kitchen Bin Bags for effortless collection and handing of kitchen waste.

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If your fruit and vegetable scraps are going to sit on the counter for a few days, a Kitchen Compost Bin like ours with a charcoal filter and snug-fitting lid will be the best type to use. It also has a sturdy handle so you can safely carry it outside and it is washable as well!

Empty the scraps regularly into a larger outdoor bin or tumbler (like our Bokashi Bucket) if you want to use the scraps for compost yourself. Or put your collected scraps out for organics waste collection in your neighbourhood.

As you can see, this is an easy way for us as individuals to reduce waste and have a positive environmental impact in our communities. And if you do have a garden or plant a few containers, compost adds health and vitality to the soil, meaning better produce and a lovelier garden!

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