Happy Feet! 4 Reasons To Choose Bamboo Socks

Happy Feet! 4 Reasons To Choose Bamboo Socks

Did you know… both feet combined make up for 25% of the body’s bones, 18% of joints and 6% of the muscles? That is certainly reason enough to pay attention to your tootsies! And the best way to do this is with bamboo socks!  

Why Bamboo Socks?

Our Extra Thick Bamboo Socks come in all sorts of fun colours to match any outfit and activity. Bamboo is a superhero material making them naturally soft and airy, which means they don’t just look great, they feel great too, and will keep your feet happy all day long!

Here are 4 excellent reasons you should change to bamboo socks today.

1. Antimicrobial/Antibacterial

Bamboo is antimicrobial, meaning bamboo socks may protect your feet and keep them fresh all day long. Imagine a pair of socks that naturally attempts to kill microoganisms before they have a chance to settle on your skin!

2. Moisture Wicking

Bamboo socks will draw moisture and perspiration away from your skin. Feet need to be dry and comfortable to prevent things like fungal infections and the super absorbant fibres in bamboo take care of this. The presence of sodium copper chlorphyll also gives it the ability to deodorise. The biggest plus? No more stinky feet!

3. Temperature Regulating

Socks that regulate the temperature of your feet? Yes please!  We might be looking forward to the warm weather of spring and summer, but don’t worry about these bamboo socks working for you all year round. Micro gaps in the fabric work to trap cool or warm air next to your skin, ensuring it stays warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm!


Bamboo socks don’t irritate the skin as bamboo is gentler than man made fibres. The perfect solution for those with sensitive skin. 

Top Tip! 

Dry your bamboo socks inside out - this speeds up the drying time!

So don’t drag your feet - with so much good stuff about them, get yourself a pair and feel the difference!

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