Bamboo Bedding

Get a Good Night’s Sleep Every Night with Our Bamboo Bedding 

Did you know that you can equip your entire bedroom and bathroom, with our bamboo bedding, towels, bathroom mats, and more? At Earth to Life Eco Store, you will find the most extensive range of high-quality, natural-fibre and environmentally friendly bamboo products.  

Problems Earth to Life Eco Store Addresses 

People often suffer from allergies due to non-natural products, not realising that simply changing their products will put an end to the irritation.  

  • Our men’s and women’s bamboo underwear ranges provide all-year comfort, freshness, and dryness, as the breathable and luxuriously soft material is even 40% more absorbent than the finest cotton.
  • Stock your closet, vanity and detergent cupboard from our one-stop store – from beautiful tops and bottoms for adults, kids and babies, air freshener and toilet brushes, to garbage bags and disposable gloves.
  • Sleep soundly with our 100% bamboo quilt covers, bamboo sheets, and bamboo pillowcases, which keep you dry and comfortable, and keep odours at bay due to its anti-bacterial properties. It is also thermo-regulating, which means that it’ll keep you warm in winter, and cool in summer.  

Switch to our bamboo range and find out what huge difference it makes in your life. 

Benefits of Earth to Life Eco Store 

Our range of natural-fibre clothing for women and men, as well as our eco-consciousness, distinguish us in the market, and we pride ourselves in loyal customer relationships on the local community level.  

  • Our team has excellent knowledge of our product range, which ensures that we can give you the best advice about every product that we keep.
  • Find a thoughtful eco-gift from us that just about any person, or pet, would love. If you struggle to decide, just get them a gift card. Let us deliver your gift to your special person in Albury, Wodonga or Geelong, or order it telephonically and come and collect. 
  • We don’t only stock bamboo clothing and products, but also cotton and hemp fashion items, Australian brands such as Valia, Matt & Nat vegan bags and many more.  

Visiting our store will leave you breathless. You won’t believe how many bamboo products there are. The bamboo plant is incredibly sustainable, and some species can grow as much as 120 cm per day.  

Things You Can Learn from Earth to Life Eco Store  

We are kind to the environment, and we benefit from the natural products with which Mother Earth provides us. We also support the local industry by using linen, cotton, and merino wool that is grown and produced in Australia.

Our hemp balm and oil are kind to your skin, as you can use it for eczema, rashes, burns, and almost any other skin disorder. It has repairing and moisturising properties.

Have we convinced you to start living consciously? Our products will inspire you to switch to totally natural, eco-friendly, comfortable, and stylish products. Subscribe to our letter so that you don’t miss out on great new products, and call us to place your order.