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Laundry Bag to Help Reduce Microfibres

Many laundry bags on the market are made from mesh that will let small particles through and are closed with a drawstring. While these are suitable for keeping your delicates protected, they do nothing to stop the microfibres from washing down the drain. Even if you can find a laundry bag with finer mesh and a zip, the smallest of particles will still make their way through.

The Laundry Bag is made from an ultra-fine micro-filter material that catches what the eye sometimes doesn't even notice. Wash your clothes and then remove the released microfibres that will be clumped together in the corners and dispose of them. Do not turn the bag inside out and wash it, some microfibres will end up down the drain.

Like a regular laundry bag, this one will protect delicates from being knocked around by other clothes and extends the length of time they can be worn.

Microfibres are tiny and barely visible to the naked eye. It is estimated that large cities like Berlin release the equivalent of 500,000 plastic bags worth of microfibres through their washing machines everyday. Synthetic textiles break off during the wash and make their way from washing machines into rivers and oceans. Once in the environment they are consumed by aquatic organisms working their way up the food chain.

It may take quite a few washes to catch microfibres and you're likely to see them in the upper seams first. Pull those out and dispose of them reponsibly in general waste keeping them out of our waterways. 

The bag is made of micro filter material. 50cm x 74cm. 

Notes on Using This Bag

  • Do not put the bag into the tumble dryer
  • Do not rinse under running water
  • Wash only clothes of similar colours together in the bag
  • Put only clothes with synthetic material in the bag
  • The clothes need to move in the wash so only fill half way; don't overfill the bag. 
  • Anything sharp may harm the material of the bag
  • Do not iron (the crumpled surface is not a problem)
  • Use only liquid detergents
  • Do not dry in the sun
  • Remove coarse dirt and animal hair before washing


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