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Sustaining our planet matters and by purchasing Bamboo clothing your already doing a little bit to help. How amazing right? 

Our Bamboo Tee's are just a small part in the growing love for Bamboo clothing but we know that for many of our Men's Bamboo clothing admirers the best part is not just feeling great that your supporting the biodegradable clothing industry but the fact that you can feel incredibly comfortable and not have to worry about sweat stains as the shirt worries about it for you.

Bamboo Tee's will be just the start of your Bamboo clothing collection, because having a fabric that keeps your temperature regulated, absorbs any odour or sweat and keeps you looking fresh, means that you can focus on things you really care about.

 The composition is 70% bamboo / 30% cotton which gives it the smooth feel and anti-bacterial properties you have come to expect from Bamboo Textiles.


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