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A personal almanac of a little girl and her family that opens a window onto each month of her year. Each spread is devoted to one month and we are taken on a journey through the Australian seasons as well as this girl's loves and family traditions. It's everything that's fun about being a kid - all year round.

About The Author

Jane Godwin is the Publisher, Books for Children and Young Adults, at Penguin Books Australia. She is also a highly acclaimed author of many books for children. Her work is published internationally and she has received many commendations. The Family Tree won the 2000 Queensland Premier's Award (Children's Books) Sebby, Stee, the Garbos and Me was shortlisted for the 1999 New South Wales State Literary Award (Patricia Wrightson Prize) and was a YABBA finalist and The True Story of Mary was shortlisted for the 2006 CBC Book of the Year Awards, Younger Readers. Jane's most recent novel is Falling From Grace, and her most recent picture book is Little Cat and the Big Red Bus, illustrated by Anna Walker and published in November 2008.

Jane lives in Melbourne with her family. Her hobbies seem to have fallen by the wayside a little since she has taken on the role of publisher, but from what she remembers, they were playing tennis, walking, reading (things other than manuscripts), doing cryptic crosswords, talking about the need to do gardening (and sometimes even doing it), cooking, playing piano, spending time with friends and mucking around with family which consists of partner Michael and two adolescents, Wil (19) and Lizzie (17). She still manages the cryptic crosswords, friends and family.


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