Globe Paper - Twist Cube

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Learn about geology and geography through the art of origami. These paper globes are made in Japan using the highest quality papers.

The educational DIY paper globes come flat packed, and when they are assembled the cubes reveal the details of the moon surface.

As well as being fun and interactive, paper globes are a unique alternative to traditional round globes. Placing one at home might spark ideas for the next adventure, or simply inspire a worldly imagination.

Size : Small ( 100x100x100)

"Air & Ocean"
"Earth & Moon"


This reversible globe packs two views of the world into one cube. You can see flight routes connecting cities. By twisting the eight interlocking cubes, you can see sea routes on the other side. This globe is designed for assemble without scissors or glue.

scale :
size :
100×100×100(when finished)

This reversible globe packs the moon and the Earth in one cube. On one side, it depicts moon's topography and the locations of spacecraft's successful landings on the Moon. By twisting the eight inter-locking cubes, you can convert the moon to the Earth. The globe depicts where and when you can observe solar eclipses from 2014 to 2040.
This moon globe is made based on the data collected by KAGUYA, Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft produced and launched by JAXA.

scale :
1/ 100,000,000 (earth)
size :
100×100×100 (when finished)  

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