Foodie Freshness Pack

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Help your food last longer and stay fresher!  

The Blu Apple is your fresh produce best friend. By absorbing the gasses emitted in your fridge that overripe your produce, the Blu Apple is proven to keep your produce fresher for up to 3X as long. A pack inside the Blu Apple lasts about 3 months before changing it to ensure maximum freshness. 

Total Value $50.40, our price to you is just $35.95.

This incredible pack contains:

1 x Blu Apple 2 pack

1 x One year refill pack (contains 8 replacement ethylene gas absorbent packets, enough for two Bluapples® for a full year of protection). The Refill Kit is a resealable foil bag, that when completely closed, will protect your replacement packets and keep them potent indefinitely.

1 x 500ml glass storage jar with 100% airtight seal. (Suitable for fridge or freezer up to -20 degrees celsius. Glass only is dishwasher safe) 

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