Hemp Seed Oil 500ml

Hemp Seed Oil 500ml

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The Hemp seeds are harvested and cold-pressed every few months into a food-grade oil then bottled fresh by GREEN HEMP AUTRALIA .
The oil is 100% from the first, virgin press - never blended with inferior quality from a second or third press or imported frozen low-quality oil, or oil has that has been in storage for long.

Recommended Daily Dose: Hemp Seed Oil has a pleasant , nutty taste . Take  1 dessert spoon every day  to  help support Cardiovascular health
and fight cholesterol. It will assist Joint, Bone, and skin wellness and Improve and maintains healthy Cognitive Function. Great Brain Food for the family! Boosts the immune system. 

Directions for use: on Acne and Congested Skin -. Massage 1-2 spoonfuls of Hemp Oil into the facial skin for 3- 15 minutes, then removes with a warm wet face washer.  Repeat every evening for two weeks to draw out impurities, unblock pores, and help heal acne. For severe , problem, acne repeat the
process 2 – 3 times a day until the condition improves . Hemp seed Oil has a non comogenic value of 0 , which means its a dry oil and will not block pores. It  will draw out excess sebum build up in the blocked pores  and heal acne scaring. 

Hemp Seed Oil Also helps comfort and soothe dry skin conditions. It is a perfectly balanced oil ,containing omegas 3, 6, and 9. These Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) are absorbed into our skin cells, replenish damaged lipids, and repair skin. Hemp Seed Oil contains some of the highest known levels of EFA in the plant world. EFAs 3,6 and 9  are essential to the human body for growth and healthy living. The high concentration of EFA makes hemp seed oil an ideal treatment for damaged skin.