Toothpaste - Charcoal My Magic Mud

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Toothpaste by My Magic Mud is the first toothpaste to combine activated coconut shell charcoal and bentonite clay. It is made with 95% certified organic ingredients and is completely fluoride-free. 
Most toothpastes are made with foaming agents - sodium lauryl sulphate - and other harmful ingredients like glycerin, fluoride, triclosan, etc., however we won't even get near this garbage. We formulated our toothpaste with organic coconut oil and a holistic blend of organic essential oils, activated charcoal, and bentonite clay for optimal oral health.
My Magic Mud Whitening Toothpaste comes in three delicious flavours: peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon-clove (mint free). The texture is on point, and there’s no funky aftertaste like many natural toothpastes. We use a touch of organic stevia and the right essential oil combination to deliver a great taste and texture. It’s our opinion that the wintergreen is the most kid-friendly flavor, it’s gentle with just the right sweetness to be yummy. If swallowed, no worries! No Foaming Agents
  • No foaming agents
  • No GMO's
  • No toxic ingredients
  • No flouride
  • No triclosan
  • No cruelty
  • No gluten

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