Power Dot Bamboo Towel - White Magic

Size Guide

Power Dot Bamboo Towel - White Magic

  • Perfect for cleaning up spills and messes all over the house
  • Power Dots help to scrub stubborn grime
  • Each towel is reusable 85 times – 20 Sheets included
  • Natural and sustainable material
  • 100% viscose from bamboo

Size : 30 x 28cm


Save the environment – Most chemical cleaners are bad for the environment and your family

Hypoallergenic – Eco cloths are made from microfiber which makes them asthma and allergy friendly

Save money – Stop buying chemical cleaners and use cloths that are guaranteed for 300 machine washes

Better results – Water and the eco cloth clean effectively without leaving any residue behind

Save time – Simply wet, wring out excess & wipe over

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