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Reusable Silicon Food Wraps

Bake, Wrap, Seal and Cover

Jumbo - Can be used as a Baking Sheet/Mat

1 x Jumbo (30cm x 40cm)

Cover & seal - cups, bowls, dishes, jars
Wrap - veggies, fruit, sandwiches and rolls. 
Bake - in place of grease proof paper and use as a cover on dishes in the microwave. 

Aluminium Foil, Plastic Wrap, Sandwich Bags and Baking Paper

100 % Food Grade Silicon
BPA, PVS & Lead Free
Heat & Cold Resistant  (-40 to 230 degrees Celsius) 
Soft and Non-deformable
Stretches to twice it's size

First Use:
Once you peal the Silicon wrap off the grease proof paper, that they come packaged in, it is recommended that you wash each wrap in warm soapy water and hang to dry. 

Carefully stretch the wrap over the your food, bowl or container and press to seal. Make sure the wraps and item being sealed are dry to ensure good adherence.  Slowly peel off to remove.