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These socks are perfect with business shoes, ankle boots and runners. Our feet work every day for us. For many of us, that is sprinting to the train or office because for some reason our alarm didn't work or the kids couldn't find some book. Earth to Life gets it, not everyday is going to be as easy or as comfortable as wearing our Bamboo Business Socks.

But one thing wearing Bamboo Business Socks also does is makes sure our environment is protected whilst you dress to impress. 

Bamboo absorbs any sweat or odour that your boss might cause when he calls you into your office. Maybe try a Men's Bamboo singlet as well, you can never be too careful, right?

You deserve the best, so treat yourself to one of our Black or possibly even red pairs of Business Bamboo Socks!

Unisex sizes

64%bamboo / 28% Tencel / 8% elastane. 

*Due to high demand, some socks may be out of stock. In this case, you will be contacted to select another colour, or with alternative options! 

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